11. What is better, attending an on-site activity or doing an online one about the same topic?

Título pregunta 11 FAQ

Título pregunta 11 FAQ

It depends on what you are looking for. The on-site activities have the advantage of direct interaction with the trainer, the contents are more extensive and you can practice them. But they might take place on days you are not available, there might be no free places left or you might live too far away for travelling.

You can do the online activities whenever and wherever you prefer, at your own pace, and they do not have a limited number of places. However, not all activities have an online version, the contents are more synthetic and, on the current format, there are no practical contents nor interaction with the trainer and other students.

In summary, the on-site and online activities do not replace each other, but they complement each other. You can do an online activity and attend an on-site one later to expand your knowledge and practice it. Or you can attend an on-site activity first and use the online one afterwards to review and refresh knowledge.

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